Trail Ride May 11, 2016

Through deep shaded woods

And grassy fields by the cows

Spun the breadths of blue!

Art Prescription:  My horse under me connects me to the ground, the world, my life. So beautiful to see my dear friends on their horses ahead of me. All baggage left at the barn. Only joy rides along with us now. Blue Skies.Trail Ride

Sketch with watercolor

Cantering on a horse April 2, 2104

The thrill of the ride

A sweet gentle rocking horse

Canter in the ring.

Art Prescription:  After practicing my posting trot on my bike, no less, I got to put homework into action today on Pinto Bean. Still a little rough around the edges, but I’m making progress. We ended our session with a canter and Pinto proved to have a sweet and gentle pace.

Before we ride it’s fun and interesting to look at herd behavior. Never a dull moment,  here is Iloa dunking her whole head into the water. Horse-play. Charlie is looking at her with curiousity. “What on earth are you doing?”