Re-worked May 6, 2017

Like the Eagle’s song

I’m pushing it to limits

With color and marks.

Art Prescription:  Thinking last nights painting was a bit dull, I went back into it with color, graphite, and colored pencil. Could be just emotion…

Finn purple.jpeg

Tender Moment September 28, 2016

A mare and her foal

Tender moment by the woods

Motherly essence.

Art Prescription:  Spent my morning at the farm riding Finn with my Women’s Intuitive Riding group. I always leave there floating on air, as if every worry in my world has evaporated into the ethers.

I think I’m finished with this mare and her foal. Feedback welcome…

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor


How to hold Reins August 24, 2016

Hold reins with thumbs up

As if a glass of champagne

Bubbles rising up.

Art Prescription:  Did a private lesson today on Finn! So much good stuff…gonna be sore! Can’t wait to start my Women’s Intuitive Riding!! Working on an alternative palette of colors.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Horse greens 72

Hello Nicker August 17, 2016

As soon as he heard

My voice and saw me walking

At fence and nickers.

Art Prescription:  It’s so sweet and rewarding when my horse Finn meets me at the gate nickering. He is saying hello and glad to see me!

A nicker is commonly described as a companionable greeting or solicitous type of vocalization. This makes intuitive sense both because of its nature as a quiet sound, but also in the close-contact social situations in which it is typically heard: Between two friendly herdmates, between a mare and her foal, and between a stallion and a mare.

I’m so honored!

Index card graphite sketch:

Finn index card