Perspective July 21, 2016

Alone in the field

I feel small and listen for

Wisdom of horses.

Art Prescription:  “Take it to the horses,” she said. Take it to the horses, and take a shower, and then think about life. Thank you Deborah!

I spent a couple of hours sketching en plein air today. Ink on index cards:

ICAD 2016 July 21

Crickets April 24, 2015

Field crickets chirp, court

Call out for a female mate

Wind carries their song.

Art Prescription:  Ending my week sitting in the middle of a field with horses and crickets. Most of the song you hear from crickets are the males serenading the females…sound familiar? And it’s their wings that make the sound not their legs. Beautiful to just sit and listen to the breeze, a couple of cardinals, sounds of horses chomping grass, and a distant caw of crows.

Art Journal Sketchbook

Art journal crickets

Farm Chores February 22, 2015

Hair salted with hay

Muddy hand-prints adorn pants

Makings of happy!

Art Prescription:  I love being out at the farm in the morning with the horses. They greet me close to the gait waiting for their breakfast. Fresh hay is very exciting. The cardinals are singing and the clouds break into sunshine.

Pen and ink and collage: