Trail Ride May 21, 2017

All along the ground

Wildflowers mingled with grass

Sway in the saddle.

Art Prescription:  Took a long trail ride today! Perfect weather and the scent of honeysuckle filled the air. Along the ground I saw purple-spring vetch, clover, and purple nettle.

Wet in wet watercolor:

Wildflowers trail ride.jpeg


Different seating

You on a plane, me saddle

My ride takes me home.

Art Prescription:  There’s no place like home. What a beautiful day to take my boy Finn out on the trail. He takes such good care of me…sound, soft, reliable.

Index card Seating

Hello November 18, 2014

Getting to know you

I look into big brown eyes

Searching for a yes.

Art Prescription:  Went out to play with Finn today. Each day we get to know each other a tiny bit more. This building of a relationship, of love and trust, is an amazing process. I’m so honored he is letting me know him!

Back to studio for a little painting. Watercolor and Sumi Ink.

Peach Poppies III

A Day Off September 11, 2014

Blue Skies September

Place where time stands still

Gentle wind rolls across field

Horses graze on grass.

Art Prescription:  Took my sketchbook and big old sun hat out to Blue Skies today. Took a chair and sat in the paddock, being part of the herd. So hot.  They were fine to just let me be there. We know you and you are okay to hang-out with us. They stood lazy, swishing their tails against the flies, sun on their strong backs.

After a Ride June 21, 2014

After morning ride

She gets a spray, cool water

Returns to the hay.

Art Prescription:  Rode Miss Lacey this morning. Went early to beat the heat. I love spraying her down with cool water, washing the saddle-marked sweat from her white body. She enjoys it too! I return her to the paddock where fresh hay awaits. A grazing horse…Zen.

Lacey Blue 72