A pillar of strength

Horses, with their all knowing

Grateful for the ride.

Art Prescription:  I rode Lacey today at Blue Skies of Mapleview. She is so sweet…oh dear…heart tug! On a whim, I stopped by another local horse barn. There I met Victoria, a beautiful girl, and her owner. I did a brush painting of her, trying to capture her strong features and gorgeous lines.


Afraid of corners?

Are you holding on too tight?

Can you sit back, down?

Art Prescription:  I’m practicing awareness. Where does my energy go? Who and whom do I allow into my space, my energy field? When do I feel empowered, energized, and when do I feel depleted? Working with horses at Blue Skies of Mapleview is humbling. The horses, with their soft knowing gaze, are helping me get in touch with a couple of things, and it’s all that and more!

pink saddle 72