Pregnant with Possibility August 26, 2013

He holds her steady

She carries eight months in front

Soon will be strolling!

Art Prescription:  Ah, the life cycle…went to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens today to sketch. This time of year the flowers are starting to go to seed, preparation for a new spring, new plants. The shapes and textures of pods are interesting. At some point I shall do a study of pods. For now the flowers are still in bloom, and the butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds are abundant…heaven.

August 2013

Beautiful Morning August 25,2013

I wish I could put

A morning like this in a

Box, save forever!

Art Prescription:  A perfect morning and day…the reason people move to NC. Cool to walk and comfortable to work in garden. I actually did some very productive puttering. I’ve had my years of Bon Appetite magazines in the garage to go through and get my favorite recipes. I know it’s irrational as everything is online, but somehow those actual magazines represent a part of my life. I’m trying to practice letting-go…

hummer I

Haiku June 25, 2013 Backyard Sketch

Backyard pen and ink

Hummingbirds fly by as I

Capture a moment.

Art Prescription:  I love sketching in my garden!! Simply, sit, watch, sketch with pen and ink. Sometimes when you just sit still nature will come to you. I always wish, oh! need my camera…and then remind myself to just be in the moment.

coneflowers 2013

Haiku June 23, 2013 My Studio

Bees buzz around Balm

Showy patch side studio

Hummingbirds zip by!

Art Prescription:  Today instead of a painting, thought I’d share the view around my studio. I can look out my windows and see closeups of bees and hummers feeding from tall, red Bee Balm.


Haiku May 29, 2013 Fly By

Glistening water

Jets towards bird bath, hummer flies

Darts in, out of stream!

Art Prescription:  This time of year requires daily refilling bird bath. While spraying clean water in the bath, and also watering newly planted impatiens, a hummingbird darted through stream. So fast! Just getting a quick shower!  Here’s a sneak peek at some new check designs…

check flowers I