Gardening gadget

An old pair of shears to cut

A vase of posies.

Art Prescription:  Just simply graphite…so soothing.

Index card with graphite:

Index card 2017 19 Gadget.jpeg

Love is like starburst

An explosion of bright light

Into devotion.

Art Prescription: Index card with collaged rice paper, pen and ink, quote, colored pencil:

Index card 2017 15 starburst.jpeg

Five fat fire-flies

Famous fluorescent flutter

Fabulous feature.

Art Prescription:  Index card with watercolor and pen and ink:

Index card 2017 7 alliteration.jpeg

Cultivate magic

Surrounded by beautiful

She embraced detour.

Art Prescription:  The Universe has a path all worked out for you.

Index card with watercolor:

Index card 2017 6 detour.jpeg

Hopped the nest too soon

Quiet as a mouse until

My mom comes with worm.

Art Prescription:  We found a wee robin in our yard, not ready to fly. The nest was too high to return him, so we placed him in a basket and tied it in the tree. The parents found him quickly and resumed feeding. Yay. Then when I returned home later the basket was empty. Dang, I thought, hawk.

Heading out for my evening walk I saw the parents across the street in my neighbor’s yard. And guess what? There was the baby.

My friend who is a bird expert, said fledging does not necessarily mean they are ready to fly, but just ready to leave the vulnerable nest. The parents continue to feed and soon the baby will be hopping onto branches.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card 2017 5 cute .jpeg

Two peas in a pod

They sat and watched the sun rise

And said, “I love you.”

Art Prescription:  Relationships are precious.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card birds love.jpeg


Old fashion lilac

Delicate pearly purple

Scents up whole garden.

Art Prescription:  Reminds me of my grandmother’s garden.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says “hope”