I did not go mad

Gathering moss, the blue shade

Of the tall bamboo.

Art Prescription: Look for what is good and soothing and calm…

Index card with watercolor, collaged quote, and chop that says “hope”

ICAD 2017 blues.jpeg

The closing walls and

The ticking clocks gonna come

Back and take you home.

–Cold Play

Index card with collage and watercolor:

ICAD 2017 lyrics.jpeg

The powerful AND

Makes one into two, and plans

That change tomorrow.

Art Prescription:  BUT and AND are in the same family of qualifiers. Listen carefully…

Index card with collage, colored pencil, and pen and ink:

ICAD 2017 ampersand.jpeg

Where are you going?

How do you plan to get there?

Perhaps leap of faith?

Art Prescription:  Day to day life asks us many questions…

Quick sketch with quote on index card:

ICAD 2017 charcoal.jpeg

Gardening gadget

An old pair of shears to cut

A vase of posies.

Art Prescription:  Just simply graphite…so soothing.

Index card with graphite:

Index card 2017 19 Gadget.jpeg

Love is like starburst

An explosion of bright light

Into devotion.

Art Prescription: Index card with collaged rice paper, pen and ink, quote, colored pencil:

Index card 2017 15 starburst.jpeg

Five fat fire-flies

Famous fluorescent flutter

Fabulous feature.

Art Prescription:  Index card with watercolor and pen and ink:

Index card 2017 7 alliteration.jpeg