Old fashion lilac

Delicate pearly purple

Scents up whole garden.

Art Prescription:  Reminds me of my grandmother’s garden.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says “hope”


Cold, chill to the bone

Steady drizzle and down-pours

Early springs revenge.

Art Prescription:  So we have had record high temperatures, and now we are having record low temperatures.

Index card with watercolor and colored pencil:

Index card rainy March.jpeg

A light snow dusting

Frosted wildflowers, spring trees

With a white layer.

Art Prescription:  A morning snow put spring on hold, but by afternoon the birds were moving on to their business.

Index card with watercolor and my chop “hope.”

Index card purple dead nettle.jpeg

Electric fence clicks

Cardinals chip, in gloaming

Evening hay run.

Art Prescription:  I adore the sound of horses happily chomping on hay. As the sun sets on the farm, there is much atmosphere.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says, “hope.”

Index card hay run.jpeg

Life is a puzzle

Each year a new piece to add

Makes a whole picture.

Art Prescription:  And it’s always a work of art…each new day…each new year.

Index card collage with pen and ink:

Holiday collage.jpeg

Index card lighthouseDoers and dreamers

Plan for a trip by the sea

Destination, peace.

Art Prescription:  A quick little sketch on an index card.


Mid-season clearing

Like all of life, clear to make

Room for new blossoms.

Art Prescription:  I planted new flowers that will delight me through fall.

Index card with collage, pen and ink, and sewing:

ICAD 2016 July 31