Haiku February 17, 2013 Introvert

Alone, not lonely

Quiet time spent with my own


Art Prescription:  There are those of us who love a party, lots of people, loud music, a hoping good time. And there are those of us who love quiet walks in the woods, lots of birds, sounds of nature, and creative solitude.  No judgement here. Just be who you are and hope the world will honor that!

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Haiku November 20, 2012 Solitude

Alone, not lonely

Shear peacefulness, quiet bliss

Hear your own footsteps!

Art Prescription:  Do you enjoy being alone? I do. Even more so when the world is whirling away at the speed of light. I love it so quiet that the only thing I hear are the squirrels chattering, the birds chirping, and the crunch of leaves under each step! and the swish of my paint brush!