Horse Trainer

She gives confidence

Mounts your horse to demonstrate

Shows you on horseback.

Art Prescription: the horse world is big, and the training community very opinionated.

In my limited experience I’ve found one truth. If your trainer cannot mount your horse and demonstrate what he/she is teaching then how must I learn from commands from the ground??

I want to know my trainer can ride my horse before she criticizes me! Giddy up!

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Road Trip September 9, 2014

September road tour

Bus leaves summer, next stop fall

Bags packed with color.

Art Prescription:  Is the bus going to leave without you? Kicking and screaming…summer’s not over!!! I love the change of season. Another miniature piece. Artist trading card size.

September Tour ATC 1

Shimmering Forest July 6, 2014

A back-lit forest
Light and shadow dance on leaves
Air still with July.

Art Prescription: Celebrating Independence Day weekend by hiking at Mason Farm Nature Preserve. Can’t think of anything more freeing than to roam around on open land watching nature and all her beauties.

Bareback Horse February 26, 2014

Bareback on “my” horse

I feel each step Pinto takes

Nothing else matters.

Art Prescription:  Started my Intuitive Horseback Riding at Blue Skies Farm today! To launch us right off with breathing and being centered with our horse, we rode bareback. Beautiful! My legs were trembling with nerves and muscles fatigue, and it’s all good. At that point it was just me and Pinto. Trust…


Haiku April 22, 2013 Art Journaling

Visual stories

Paper, glue, images, paint,

Art journal collage.

Art Prescription:  Great group of art journal artists today. Everyone has a story, and it’s creative and healing to express it with images. Here you will see the unconscious surface. Be free, respond to the colors and images…be in the moment.

art rx april 22