Candle Lit Street December 13, 2014

Four seconds to flame

Neighbors come out, winter night

Streets lined with candles.

Art Prescription:  I’ve been heading up luminaries for our neighborhood for about 8 years. The thing that always brings me joy is to see neighbors coming out and working together as a community to create a beautiful winter night.

Thank you to my local followers for coming to my Open Studio!!

Open Studio 2014

Winter Wind December 10, 2014

I am listening

To the winter wind, trees sway

Year end moves forward.

Art Prescription:  Winter is upon us…into the 20’s tonight. How grateful I am to have a warm house and heat that comes on at a moments touch. Blankets and quilts and fluffy robes…truly the riches of the holidays.

Index card

index card winter wind

Bustle November 25, 2014

Hawk 1

Holiday traffic

All the fixings, loaded carts

Plans for gratitude.

Art Prescription:  Wow, holiday hustle and bustle. My hope is that as we all sit down to share Thanksgiving dinner, we will also give thanks for the natural world around us. It’s pretty amazing…

6 x 9 colored pencil and pen and ink

Finally Fall November 1, 2014

Outside my window

Fall has brushed trees with color

Warm golden yellows!

Art Prescription:  My husband bought me a horse for our 23rd wedding anniversary gift…Finn!! I’m so excited and overwhelmed with love. Stay tuned for lots of pics and art with my boy Finn!! Watercolor pencils on an envelope.

envelope art fall