Still working on my journal page demo. Added some stamps and a watercolor wash.

Art Prescription: Walk away from your art and when you come back it will speak to you.


Been hanging around
This town for way, way too long
Counting crows, late fall.

Art prescription: Here in North Carolina it seems fall has missed her mark. Or did I just buy a pumpkin to early?


The veins of a leaf

Transport sugar and water

Branches, pathways, life.

Art Prescription:  The veins of leaves and branches on trees mimic our vascular and nervous system. Gives you something to think about. Colored pencil, pen and ink, and collage on an A2 envelope.

Leaf veins.jpg

Afraid to let go

Beech trees hold on to their leaves

Golden glow in winter.

Art Prescription:  Lovely day. Hiked about four miles and saw a Kinglet!! (future painting) Spent some time field sketching, then back to studio to add watercolor. This is a work in progress.


Leaves umbrella spring

New growth rumbles just below


Art Prescription:  Grey, rainy days hold springs possibilities!!

door tones abstract