Haiku March 6, 2013 Library Woes

Heart beats for knowledge

So many books, day, seconds

To take it all in!

Art Prescription:  Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you walk into a library or book store and think I want to read it all!! Life is so glorious and complicated, and there is so much to learn! Was it Shakespeare who said, “the world is too much.”

Wildflower Dream March

Haiku October 17, 2012 Mockingbird

Sits proud in tree top

Full breast gleams in late day sun

Master of all song.

Art Prescription:  Mockingbirds have many personalities. They can be jesters or intimidating…or should I say imitating? A large repertoire, they enjoy solo performances. Other birds call out to mates, but the Mockingbird sings for the crowd.

Haiku March 7, 2012

Adieu, cheerio

Bye-bye, good-bye, fare you well.

Every language knows.

Art Prescription: Loss knows no boundaries. In every culture around the world there are terms for saying good-by to friends and family. My good-good neighbors are moving…I will miss them! Writing my haiku’s are helping me express my feelings.