Love is waking up

Every day to share your life

With the one you love!

Art Prescription:  Happy Valentine Day!!

Valentine 2014 1

Weather forecast, snow

All day I look to the sky

Excuse for milk, bread?

Art Prescription:  Okay, so I might wake up to a sea of white, but right now…I don’t see any snow!!! Since early morning the forecast for a winter storm has been all over television, radio, and Facebook. I did go to the grocery store for stamps, and they were out! Schools cancelled today. Many businesses closed early. Curious. Warm in my studio where I painted love birds.

birds on wire heart 1 birds on wire heart

He courts her with worm

They mate for life, cardinals.

Year-round backyard birds!

Art Prescription:  I taught an Art Prescription Workshop today, Fabulous You! I asked my group to paint in their journals what they want more of in their lives. What does YES look like? We started off with random watercolor brush-strokes and washes, and then we moved to imagery. It always inspires me to see the art that happens when people give themselves permission to play. Here is my vision page:

Cardinal Love

She pecks at mosses

Beak full she pauses, waits for

His wings to say fly!

Art Prescription:  Watching a pair of purple finches in my backyard…delightful. Clearly team work as she gathers materials for a nest, he stands watch to see that the coast is clear. A slight jiggle of wings is cue for them to fly off together for their destination.

rain 2013 001

Earth trusts sun to rise

Birds, confident, sing morning

Faith, hope, assurance.

Art Prescription: Things I want more of in 2013! Faith in others, honesty from others, trust in myself. Assurance, like the birds, to just sing!!


December bird count

Binoculars, sketchbook, time

Five miles of shear bliss!!

Art Prescription:  Yes! I am a total bird geek. Love watching these colorful, delightful, big-brown eyed beings as they dance, prance, look for food, pick berries, or fly from tree to tree. Here is my sketchbook list from Christmas Day:

2012 bird count