Solace July 3, 2016

I lean on your strong

Full of feed and hay, sleepy

All I hear is doves.

Art Prescription:  After all the horses have full bellies, they stand about in a sleepy stupor. I sat with Finn and admired him. So quiet, except for the doves…existential moment.

Watercolor and mixed media on watercolor paper:

July Dandelions

After a Ride June 21, 2014

After morning ride

She gets a spray, cool water

Returns to the hay.

Art Prescription:  Rode Miss Lacey this morning. Went early to beat the heat. I love spraying her down with cool water, washing the saddle-marked sweat from her white body. She enjoys it too! I return her to the paddock where fresh hay awaits. A grazing horse…Zen.

Lacey Blue 72