Glad is in the heart

On their sturdy dark-green stalks

Gladiolas beam.

Art Prescription:  Visited a dear friend to talk about life as we know it. Beside her porch is a lush garden of tall gladiolas. Glad to have good friends!!

Index card with watercolor:

ICAD June 15

Quick little hummer

Zooms up into trees, brief rest

Then back for more sweets.

Art Prescription:  On my walk watching hummingbirds dive lantana. As I approached they flew up into the trees. This is another miniature art pieces. Watercolor artist trading card.

Mini Vase ATC.jpg

Yellow pollen fog

Azaleas ripe with buds

Tulips unfold red.

Art Prescription:  Buds everywhere.

Azaelia buds

Heartfelt foregiveness

Cures the restless soul of hurt

Takes letting it go.

Art Prescription:  Haiku-o-gram #3 was placed this morning on an early walk. A mini piece of art meant to brighten someone’s day!!