Orange and Blue August 4, 2014

Opposites attract

Blue and orange, vibration

Up-cycle a bird.

Art Prescription:  True to my own medicine I used art to get through my day. My three kitty-cats went to have dental today. Two of them had extractions….ugh. I worked with paper and did another bird to pass away the time and keep my mind from worrying. 

Orange Bird collage

Collage Dream July 15, 2014

Shelter from the storm

A brown card-board box offered

To a stray black cat.

Art Prescription:  While I’m working and preparing to roll out my ideas for collage ephemera on Etsy, painting and cutting, and taking pictures, etc. Blackie, the local stray, occupies my mind. I’m feeding him and giving him some de-worm medicine. He sits cautiously at least 3 feet away. Meanwhile, I’m excited to offer some hand-painted collage pieces for art journaling and mixed media!

blackie 2Butterfly kit

Summer Rain July 9, 2014

After summer rain

Air fresh, scent of moist, rich earth

Droplets on petals.

Art Prescription:  Set out for my evening walk with thunder in the far background. Next thing I know the wind kicks up and big drops begin to fall. I arrived home soaked…and happy for my garden!

Summer Rain 3 x 5

Tools of the Trade June 23, 2014

An artist’s tool box

Brushes, palette knives, scissors

A finger painting!

Art Prescription:  Art Prescription group today in my studio. Our project was to start a painting, and then paint over it, and over it again. The process of letting go what was there before. And then finally to cut that painting up into pieces and see what emerges…stories, tales.

White Coneflower