Color Yourself August 24, 2015

Fall wildflowers bloom

Dot the meadows and woods for

Butterflies to feed.

Art Prescription:  Hiked Mason Farm this past weekend. Beautiful wildflowers and lots of butterflies. Feeds my muse.

Here is a little drawing for you to color! You can print it off and color with your favorite art tools! Secret…I’m working on a new Art Prescription (™) adult coloring product…due out October!

Index card with pen and ink:

Index card butterfly color 1

Girl with the Yellow Umbrella August 17, 2015

Fabric from Paris

She flows with tide, girl with the

Yellow umbrella

Art Prescription:  Girl on the beach take 3…or I lost count. Not satisfied with the final watercolor, again my colors muddy. So I paper collaged with torn pieces from other not so great watercolors. I kind of like the mixed media end product. A good example of how no work is ever wasted. I save every piece that should be filed in the trash. And weeks or months later I see that piece has the perfect color I need for a collage…let her rip!!

Watercolor background with torn paper:

Yellow Umbrella

Reflection December 15, 2014

Like a sheet of ice

The pond reflects cool blue sky

Wispy rows of clouds.

Art Prescription:  Like a still pond, our art reflects what we are feeling inside. This is why it is so important to just express yourself with art!! No judgement about whether it is “good” or not. Just get it out in color, brush-strokes, or collage.

Mixed media expressive painting.

December pansies

Winter Wind December 10, 2014

I am listening

To the winter wind, trees sway

Year end moves forward.

Art Prescription:  Winter is upon us…into the 20’s tonight. How grateful I am to have a warm house and heat that comes on at a moments touch. Blankets and quilts and fluffy robes…truly the riches of the holidays.

Index card

index card winter wind