Momma Mockingbird

Hunts, swoops, digs, catches fresh chow

Fledglings shrill in bush!

Art Prescription:  The amount of fledgling raucous going on right now points to the constant job of parenting. I recognize the shrill cries of different species waiting in hiding for their next treat. Until they know how to forage on their own, baby birds are nurtured along by both parents.

M Mockingbird

White feathered breast beams

March morning sun, Mockingbird

Sweet spring harmony.

Art Prescription:  Hard not to smile while looking up to see a puffed-up Mockingbird singing his heart out on a limb. Actually grin!! They are show offs! Wildflowers dance in the meadow.

Red Wildflower Meadow


Air clean after rain

Beech leaves glow against hardwoods

Mockingbird nocturne.