Big December moon

Backdrop for tree silhouettes

On clear winter night.

Art Prescription:  Can you believe it’s December?!?!

Index card moon.jpg


Through the flower vase

The sun settles low. Night-time

Slinks in with the moon.

Art Prescription:  Significant week in many ways…ready for night-time to slink in! A quick semi-abstract watercolor floral…art therapy for me!

Night-time flowers

February moon

Cast shadows on grassy field

Stars appear, twinkle!

Art Prescription:  An evening moon-lit walk is delectable!

moon rise

Round, pale-yellow moon

Rises over winter trees

Sunset cast pink hue!

Art Prescription:  Evening and morning light is phenomenal. Tonight’s moon began rotation as the sun set, casting a pink horizon behind a winter landscape.

Sliver of a moon

Sneaks in and out behind clouds

Lights my way back home.

Art Prescription: Enough said!!