In the pouring rain

We fluff our wet, cold, feathers

And continue work.

Art Prescription:  Yes I’m obsessed with my chickadees. And my new illustrated book!! Thoughts of a Golden Fox!

I’m very excited to introduce my latest illustration work, “Thoughts of a Golden Fox.”

Thoughts of a Golden Fox, written by Charles David Rushbrook and illustrated by Beverly Dyer, is a delightful book for children, ages 6-11. The story is told from the viewpoint of a mother Golden Fox, which, according to the book’s short and gentle-hearted Glossary, is “…a magical, and rarely seen, species of fox with unbelievably beautiful golden coats!

Now available in iTunes!!

You can visit iTunes and read a sample chapter.

Fox Book Cover Page

8 1/2 x 11 mixed media:

Chickadee 1.jpeg

Somewhere in quiet

All things move forward with plan

To produce beauty.

Art Prescription:  This is a recycled painting. Put it into the recycle bin, literally…and then kept seeing it as I walked past. Cut it up and used it for this index card art.

Index card square.jpeg


Two paths cross, coincidence?

It all falls in place.

Art Prescription:  Many times decisions are suddenly made, based on a surprising event or meeting. There are subtle clues to guide you. Other times it’s a storm, deluge really, and in an instant you just KNOW!


Showy umbrellas

White clusters of cherry blooms

Brighten April rain.

Art Prescription:  For a while today it was sleeting! Tricky Mother Nature! Meanwhile the blossoms bloom, and spring goes on about her flamboyant business of making us smile!!

cherry blossoms


Only this one pass?

Asks the leaf as it twirls, floats…

Mother Nature smiles.

Art Prescription:  Ah grasshopper, your season is not over…life is long and you have many chances to make it right. Be true to yourself and peace will be there waiting for you.

Valentine roses

Faded while impatient March

Threatens to blow in.

Art Prescription: Each spring as cold and warm air meet here in North Carolina we have thunderstorms and high winds. I worry about the birds and the squirrels and their nests. I always have to remind myself that “Mother Nature Knows Best.”

The storms do pass…just as with life. Write about a stormy time in your life, vent. No one else needs to see, but getting it down and out will serve you well.