Come In My Muse June 2, 2014

Pause, ponder, produce

The muse, her senses keen, waits

Open door, “Come in.”

Art Prescription:  So my good friend Farley said to me today, “pause, ponder, produce.” I just adore that. I invite you to do the same!! And let your muse in to “pause, ponder, produce.” Aho!

Farley Rose


Haiku August 6, 2013 Muse Rules

Plan, to paint cosmos

Muse intervened, coneflower

Plein air painting, joy!

Art Prescription:  All set up outside with my paint and easel. Hat and sunscreen, check, I set out to paint my explosion of cosmos. Stroked and splattered with teals and yellow. Decided I would add a few cone flowers for the background, and then the muse just ruled.  Perhaps tomorrow I will paint cosmos!

Butterfly Dream I

Butterfly Dream II



Haiku May 6, 2013 Trust Your Muse

To trust in your muse

Step aside for a new voice

Completely let go!!

Art Prescription:  I had a great group today in my Art Prescription: Art Journaling Workshop. I asked them to do something really hard. Put together a collage of beautiful images, and then completely paint over it!! I have to say there was reluctance. I gently prodded, and even encouraged one participant to retrieve her “trashed” painting and stick with the transition. So many life metaphors. The theme was Wholeness, and I wanted them to work through creating something and then let go of the original piece, transition it to something brand new, healing.  Their end products were amazing!! and suddenly they saw that their muse was there all along!!

art rx May 6

Haiku May 3, 2013 Parts of a Whole

Final coat of paint.

The muse looks and nods and cuts!

Parts greater than whole!

Art Prescription:  The last few posts including today’s are all part of one painting. After several layers of reworking, this piece was just not happening. When you feel stuck with art, go for a walk and see what happens. I came back from my walk and began to cut the one piece up into about 5 small trading card size miniatures. Each one had an interesting texture and spoke to me.  I worked quickly with pen and ink feeling satisfied with all my parts!! Try it!

trading card iris



trading card flowers

Art Prescription Workshop

“The artist only needs the willingness to paint.”

“There’s always a clean white canvas.”

Taught an Art Prescription Workshop today with friends. My goal  in mentoring is to help the individual bring out their artistic voice. To move away from expectations and to respond to what happens in the moment that paint and brush come together.

art rx d and a 002

art rx d and a 003

One man’s junk is another’s treasure…look at this fantastic ink work! I then colored it in…

Davids ink

Haiku January 1, 2013 Muse

One more coat should do

Re-do, re-paint, re-color

Wait for muse to speak.

Art Prescription:  New Year, a new blank canvas! I’ve painted about 5 different things on 2 canvases in the past couple of days. Changed color palette and design completely, waffled, stood staring….nothing! I know what I must do. I must leave the studio in order for my muse to appear. Going………..

trading bamboo