Diva Chronicles

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted how I’m doing.

Life is good!

I’m a very spoiled North Carolina dog at this point. Las Vegas is a memory now.

I really love my daily walks around the pond near my house, and sometimes I go on hikes in my front-pac. I’m happy exploring new turf.

Speaking of new turf, momma moved her horse Finn to a new barn! Very exciting!

We are all getting used to our new digs!

Sideline April 4, 2017

At the sideline, I

Watch her canter through the field

I’m jealous and proud.

Art Prescription:  This beautiful young lady rides my horse Finn on Tuesdays. She loves him. Today I watched her ride and felt both a sense of true pride to see my beautiful horse move, and I have to admit, jealousy. It’s okay though, it’s a win-win, and is super good for him. He OF COURSE! knows I’m his momma and loves me MORE. LOL,  Sweet boy…

Finn and Laura.jpg