Bird Sketching

Was a beautiful day here in North Carolina to go bird watching and sketching. After the Arctic blast of frigid temperatures, 50 degrees was just right.

I simply roamed my neighborhood with my binoculars and sketched what I saw.

So relaxing to ground myself in nature.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!



Home to add watercolor.

Flirt January 16, 2017

A low-pitched warble

A shy male bluebird begins

An early courtship.

Art Prescription:  The birds know spring is around the corner. Bluebirds often begin their house hunting as early as January.

Index card sketch with graphite and colored pencil:

Index card blue bird 1.jpeg

Shimmering Forest July 6, 2014

A back-lit forest
Light and shadow dance on leaves
Air still with July.

Art Prescription: Celebrating Independence Day weekend by hiking at Mason Farm Nature Preserve. Can’t think of anything more freeing than to roam around on open land watching nature and all her beauties.

A White Horse May 14, 2014

Wash day, clean white horse

Rolls in the dirt to dry off

Mud, natures sunscreen.

Art Prescription:  I rode Lacey today, a new mare at Blue Skies. Hot day for May, so after our ride we got to spray them off. They really liked that!! And just like a clean dog, Lacey trotted into the grassy meadow and proceeded to roll. Pretty cute!! Pen and ink and watercolor 5 x 7.