New Trail

A new walking trail

Ruby-crowned kinglet and hawk

And a hermit thrush.

Art Prescription: we ventured out today on a new local trail. It’s a paved walking trail and it wanders into wooded wetlands.

Wish I had my binoculars!!!

Winter Neutrals December 13, 2017

Dried flowers on stem

Hint, original color

Calm winter neutrals.

Art Prescription:  It was 22 degrees when I got to the farm this morning. Finn was happily eating hay, which is how horses keep warm in low temperatures. I had lots of layers and was comfortable, enjoying the bright winter sun. Later at home, I went for my usual walk and picked up a few beautiful things.

Winter collage.jpg

Nothing Particular September 14, 2014

Some days a blank page

Stares at me, my muse protests

Meanwhile I collage.

Art Prescription:  While hiking our favorite place, Mason Farm, NC, we ran into another couple about half-way around the loop. They had just seen two bear cubs running off into the forest!! Then on the trail we saw bear scat. Holy nature walk! We only did one loop today. Back at the studio I tapped into nothing particular. Trying to plan holiday workshops…