Hello friends and fellow bloggers,

I have a special treat for you today! I’ve been working with a group of young environmentalists to bring to life a body of kid’s art. Last summer these NC Kids painted their favorite NC threatened bird with my coaching.

Announcing The Threatened Bird Project Note Cards!! My company has produced this charming set of 12 note cards, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our local Audubon chapter. http://www.newhopeaudubon.org

Please visit my Etsy shop to make your purchase to support the birds!


Also visit my NC Threatened Bird Project page right here on the Art Prescription!


Endangered birds back card

Sweet woodland creatures

Sit hidden and watch us walk

Visitors we are.

Art Prescription:  When I walk in the woods I’m always aware of being a visitor among the natural world, especially for the nocturnal creatures.

Watercolor pencil sketch:


Moonlight sonata

Can you hear the beautiful

As the day settles?

Art Prescription:  Emotional week here in America. To soothe my soul I return to nature and her rhythms.

8 x 8 watercolor with bleach:

Moonlight sonata.jpeg

Pioneer people

Trail blazers, carving a path

Into the future!

Art Prescription:  Spent most of my day clearing a new path for horse-back riding! Beautiful day, and I can’t wait to bring Finn over to these beautiful woods.

Envelope art:

Envelope art trail blazers

Aw-hee, caw, caw, caw

December sounds from the farm

Donkey, crow, blue-birds!

Art Prescription:  I somehow spent my entire day at the farm. Even took a “nap” in the back of my van. So peaceful! Just the sunshine and sounds of the critters.

Envelope Art

envelope art donkey

Farrier at farm

Horses stand still for this man

Gentle pedicure.

Art Prescription:  Graphite sketch.

art journal farrier

envelope art holidays

Calendar countdown

Joy on earth found in the woods

In the silent night.

Art Prescription:  Still the most peaceful, out in nature.

Envelope art.