Awareness October 11, 2014

Quiet on the farm
Horses graze, content, focus
Ears perks, my presence.

Art Prescription: I love walking out into a herd of horses. I watch them notice me with curiosity. Their ears perk as their awareness shifts. Herd behavior has deep roots for these prey animals. To have them accept me and allow me to enter their space is an honor.


Haiku September 26, 2012 Time

Time marches forward

Like a lion free from cage

And never looks back!

Art Prescription:  Ever wonder what life was like before clocks or calendars? Humans lived a long time by the sun, moon, and stars…sounds peaceful doesn’t it? Now we have a gazillion gadgets that constantly remind us we are racing with time. Facebook has made us a constant observer and publisher of our own lives and a voyeur of others. (disclaimer – I like Facebook) Tomorrow is Thursday and time for me to leave my studio for my nursing job. My goal for this week was to get my new “Mandala Blue” collection out to a table-top company! and I did! A word on persistence by Lebanese poet Hoda al-Namai:

I have not withdrawn into despair,

I did not go mad in gathering honey,

I did not go mad,

I did not go mad,

I did not go mad.