Summer Dreaming June 19, 2014


A long walk on the hot sand

Sea glimmers turquoise.

Art Prescription:  I’m off from my nursing job, and dreaming of vacation. Long beach walks, sea gulls laughing, salty breeze, palm trees rattling in the wind, and sunsets over the sea.


Haiku September 21, 2012 Goals


Rain, stream, creek, river, ocean

Movement towards the whole.

Art Prescription:  What gives people will? Why are some people driven? Or better stated what drives people’s behavior? It’s difficult not to judge others based on our opinion which rises out of our own life learned perspective. For me personally, I do hope I can always consider another person’s point of view, be a good listener, and simply try to show kindness. One drop of water flows endlessly to where is belongs…moves along with the flow of life.