Hot August August 17, 2017

Farrier, dentist

And a new horse to the farm

Sweat rolls down my back.

Art Prescription:  A wonderfully busy day at Blue Skies today! I drove out early hoping to get their before Bodie, the new horse, arrived on a trailer. It was shaping up to be an exciting morning around the barn. Of course Max, the barn cat, was asleep with his legs dangling in the back room.

Bodie arrived and even with all the activity, he got off the trailer cool, calm, and collected. The fact that horses live in the moment is demonstrated over and over again.

So I thought we all might need an ice-cream cone:

8 1/2 x 11 paper painting with watercolor and pen and ink:

Ice-cream cone 72.jpg

Tree Shopping November 30, 2014

Frazier forest

Scent of Christmas past, future

Present, ah the scent!

Art Prescription:  Sam and I went to get our Christmas tree today. Our 24th… The sensory experience of the holidays. Poems galore.

3 x 5 index card with collage and pen and ink

Index card ornament

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Nothing Particular September 14, 2014

Some days a blank page

Stares at me, my muse protests

Meanwhile I collage.

Art Prescription:  While hiking our favorite place, Mason Farm, NC, we ran into another couple about half-way around the loop. They had just seen two bear cubs running off into the forest!! Then on the trail we saw bear scat. Holy nature walk! We only did one loop today. Back at the studio I tapped into nothing particular. Trying to plan holiday workshops…


Orange and Blue August 4, 2014

Opposites attract

Blue and orange, vibration

Up-cycle a bird.

Art Prescription:  True to my own medicine I used art to get through my day. My three kitty-cats went to have dental today. Two of them had extractions….ugh. I worked with paper and did another bird to pass away the time and keep my mind from worrying. 

Orange Bird collage

Paper Collage August 2, 2014

Bent by steady rain

Flowers take a day off from

Perfect straight posture.

Art Prescription:  Worked on a paper collage of an apple today. You can see step-by-step on my Facebook page

What fun!!!

Apple green

Tools of the Trade June 23, 2014

An artist’s tool box

Brushes, palette knives, scissors

A finger painting!

Art Prescription:  Art Prescription group today in my studio. Our project was to start a painting, and then paint over it, and over it again. The process of letting go what was there before. And then finally to cut that painting up into pieces and see what emerges…stories, tales.

White Coneflower