Haiku February 27, 2012

Dainty delicate

High pitched song Cedar Waxwings

Flock merry bandits.

Art Prescription: Most of the time I hear them before I see them, Cedar Waxwings. They have a very distinctive sound and are always found together in a flock. Spring is a perfect time to tune into the awesome songs of birds. It’s fun to listen and then look.  I am so pleased to share guest photographer Jane Schroeder’s capture of a beautiful Cedar Waxwing.

Haiku February 14, 2012

Red, green, yellow, red

Traffic light keeps perfect time

Stop, go, pause, be, breathe.

Art Prescription: How often do you sigh? That is the body taking a natural deep breath. Current and historical practitioners relate the breath to wellness. Next time you are at a red-light, instead of feeling impatient, take a long-deep-belly-breath and be well my friend.