Petunias July 29, 2014

Hot bubblegum pink

Petunias spill outward

Wave to butterflies.

Art Prescription:  This started as a watercolor pencil sketch in my garden on mixed-media paper. Then I took it into my studio and washed it down with water. I added watercolor loosely over pencil strokes and then spattered a bit! FUN!

Pink Petunias

Haiku May 26, 2012 Yard Work

Sure euphoria

All day in the yard, flowers

Green, pink, and purple.

Art Prescription:  A far cry from Times Square, we spent an entire day working in our yard. Total bliss! Planted new vinca, inpatients, cosmos, purple petunias, basil, and two cherry tomatoes. May just snip that basil for a pasta and tomato dinner. Sam would not let me “play” until I had all my follow-up emails sent. I’m still processing the show…wow! If you have a dream, be persistent, follow your heart!