Awareness October 11, 2014

Quiet on the farm
Horses graze, content, focus
Ears perks, my presence.

Art Prescription: I love walking out into a herd of horses. I watch them notice me with curiosity. Their ears perk as their awareness shifts. Herd behavior has deep roots for these prey animals. To have them accept me and allow me to enter their space is an honor.


Near Hawk Visit February 17, 2014

Through binoculars

I sight movement in the trees

Hawk at my shoulder!!

Art Prescription: ┬áToday’s haiku is momentarily interrupted for a near hawk encounter. I was writing about Mourning Doves…when through my binoculars I caught a glimpse of something in the trees. I searched, but no find. Turned to walk and right there!!! over my left shoulder sat a big hawk. He/she looked at me and I startled…I mean really jumped it was that close! Then I just got quiet and watched. I wondered why this winged beauty was braving my presence. The hawk took off then to join a mate…