Haiku August 12, 2013 Grass Ballet

Life in the fast lane

Most will miss the show with speed

While grass does ballet.

Art Prescription:  Today’s photograph was captured by Susan Carver Williams. Susan is a photojournalist. She meanders about the back roads of Eastern Tennessee, she calls them her “Sunday Drives,” with a sharp eye that captures the essence of this place she calls home. I’m always thrilled to see one of her posts. I sit back and take a drive with her, seeing through her lens the rolling beauty of Tennessee.  Susan says,

” I rarely know where I’m heading when I leave the house with my camera. I just pick a random direction and look for whatever catches my attention and/or a road I’ve never turned down. I’ve been temporarily lost a few times on these photographic adventures, but never disappointed. There’s always something that makes the turn and the miles worthwhile. Some days I’ve inadvertently spent 5-6 hours in the car, driving as slowly as traffic will allow (which is why I love backroads), stopping on a dime or turning around and backtracking, just seeing where the next turn takes me. Bev, my drive-abouts with the camera are MY Art Prescription.”

What captured my attention with this image is the metaphorical view of the highway and the lovely grass and wildflowers growing on the shoulder. I’m glad Susan drives “as slowly as traffic with allow.” Otherwise we might have missed the Grass Ballet! Thank you Susan for sharing your work on the Art Prescription!

Ellajoy Rd, Grass Ballet

Art Prescription Workshop: Holiday Cards

I had a fun group this morning in my Art Prescription (Expressive Painting) holiday card workshop. We played with Sumi-ink and watercolors, practicing two techniques before going on to the cards. It always amazes me how each hand of the artist takes color and line to create their own unique voice. Here are some of their creations!! Aren’t these fantastic! Thanks group!

















































Haiku November 2, 2012 Anniversary!!


Twenty-one years of happy!!

I love my soul mate!!!

Art Prescription:  Twenty-one years ago today I married Sam Dyer. “Trust that the same power that gifted you with your dream, knows how to help you make it come true!” I did!!! and it did!! True love knows no boundaries!!


Haiku September 19, 2012 Haiku-o-gram

Dangles from a tree

A poem for someone to find

It’s haiku-o-gram!!

Art Prescription:  My haiku-a-day is branching out. Today I hung Haiku-o-gram 2, since 1 launched. This project is all about delight! and I’m writing haikus on recycled pieces of art. My intention is to purely surprise and brighten someone’s day. A little gift  flapping in the wind!! It’s fun to do something unexpected!!