Just Walking My Pig

We went to the Tarheel Antique Festival today in Efland, NC.

Lots of fun bins to dig through, pieces of old farm equipment, milk glass for collectors, and lots of other collectible items!!

I got a big jar of buttons for $5!!

I can’t help but think that this couple with their 3 dogs and pet pig stole the show!

Saturdays March 19, 2016

Steam rises from cup

My morning is slow, leisure

French toast with my mate.

Art Prescription:  Isn’t it lovely to have a slow morning? No rushing or appointments, running out the door with yogurt in hand. Time to sit with a cat or two in my lap, and watch the birds.

Little bit nippy, but I did head out to my studio to paint…

Acrylic over collage 6 x 6