Birds sing in the rain

They sing in the sun, they sing

Because they have song!!

Art Prescription:  I love Maya Angelou and have used her beautiful quote in today’s Art Prescription.

Index card with stamp and colored pencil:

Index card Maya angelou

On the other side

Of the pasture, the sun sets

Cool mist over ground.

Art Prescription:  I went out to the farm to meet the farrier so Finn could get his “pedicure.” After two busy RN days, a chance to slow down and enjoy the horses was a welcome situation.  I stayed until the sun began to sink on the horizon. Gazing out on a field of happily grazing horses is peace for my soul, beauty for my eyes, quiet for my ears, and love for my heart.

Watercolor 5 x 7

Horses Sunset

Hang on. I need to

Catch my breath, know where to go

And focus, focus!!

Art Prescription:  Today I did not spin off the earth.

Index Card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

ICAD 44 Focus

Familiar song

He chortles from the tree top

Totally for her.

Art Prescription:  Male birds know how to serenade the females. They sing their hearts out just to get her interest. Sweet! Blue birds start their romance in February.

Collage and colored pencil on an envelope.

Envelope art bluebird

Been hanging round this

Town for so, so long, walk paths

Just like yesterday.

Art Prescription:  As I walked to the bus, lunch in hand, I cornered the UNC School of Nursing. Been hanging around this town for a long time. This, it occurs to me, is my life…

Pet sitting for my favorite neighbor cat…watercolor sketching her while visiting.

Matilda sketch

Layers and bundles

Mittens and hoods, gloves and scarves

Morning on the bus.

Art Prescription:  It was 14 degrees when I got on the bus this morning. A serious cold snap is causing even the bravest North Carolinian to put up their flip-flops!!

Sketch on the bus…

Art Journal cold

Just caught a snowflake

Big, white amazing design

Melted in my hand.

Art Prescription:  8 1/2 x 8 1/2 watercolor

Blue Heart copy