Haiku December 28, 2012 Be You

Free from worldly wants

You hear your own strong footsteps

Go! You know the way!

Art Prescription:  A student of all things Zen, I strive to apply the lessons of many great teachers to my life. I think the hardest lesson of all is to listen to your own heart and not allow the chaotic, negative energy of others divert you from what you know is good and whole and healthy. Peace.

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Haiku November 3, 2012 Election

American right

Freedom, choice, vote with a heart

No crystal ball here!

Art Prescription:  Today I exercised my American right to vote! And I have to speak from my heart to say that in these times I wish I had a view into the future to assure me I’m making good decisions for those that go on after I’m gone. Like the somewhat innocent pageant contestant, I really just want world peace!!!


Haiku August 30, 2012 Wealth

What is wealth? Fortune?

One’s worldly substance, purpose

What does your life mean?

Art Prescription:  Long busy day at my nursing job caring for people from all walks of life with minor and major health problems. One thing about my health care career is the constant awareness of how for each and every one of us, our lives could be changed in a moment. So was does wealth mean to you? Do you spend your days with substance, purpose? Does your life have meaning and direction? For some of my friends wealth is a first class ticket to anywhere in the world, for others it’s running marathons and staying fit, some find wealth raising healthy happy kids, some in going to church or temple and spending quality time meditating, some find it in being able to go a day with-out their addiction, volunteer work for the needy feeds wealth…Basically what I’m getting at is that we each have to carve our own and very personal definition of wealth and then do the very best we can at attaining it. If you know what IT is…what are you waiting for?

Haiku July 5, 2012 Self Actualization

Reality, goals

Self-actualization now

Contentment with life.

Art Prescription:  Life is a challenge. We all go through the ups and downs of daily life, family crisis, the air condition quit and it’s a 100 degrees outside. But never fear, lest we get caught up in the things that don’t define our lives, just a few days. According to Maslow, and this is my translation, if our perception of reality matches our expectations in life, then we are happy. We accept simplicity and accept ourselves and others. It really is about the day in and day out moments that make up a whole…how did you spend your day?

Maslow lists the following characteristics of self-actualizers

1 more efficient perception of reality and more comfortable relations with it
2 acceptance (self, others, nature)
3 spontaneity; simplicity; naturalness
4 problem centering