Picking a pumpkin

To adorn our porch for fall

Ritual color.

Art Prescription:  Well this is just orange-luscious!! A trek out to the country for pumpkin picking.


Pumpkins on doorsteps

Project, the future of a

Lit Jack-o-Lantern!

Art Prescription:  As I take my evening walk I enjoy the celebration of fall.

doorstep pumpkin

Autumn memories

“The Great Pumpkin” ring a bell?

Classic fall story.

Art Prescription:  Memories are being formed daily! Sketch, paint, or write about it!



A song for long precious life.

Holidays are here!

Art Prescription:  The iconoclastic pumpkin is…simply beautiful. I’ve painted, so far, three different variations of the pumpkin and will share in future blogs. I’m busy cutting rice paper leaves for the UNC Hospital Remembering Tree and had lots of small pieces of paper left over. Always a fan of trying a new technique, I made a tiny collage.