Picking a pumpkin

To adorn our porch for fall

Ritual color.

Art Prescription:  Well this is just orange-luscious!! A trek out to the country for pumpkin picking.


Time for make believe

Ghosts, goblins, and black witches

Jack-o-lanterns rule.

Art Prescription: Lots of creativity at a costume party!

Light rain falls, grey sky

Sunset casts pink purple glow

Pumpkins smile on porch!

Art Prescription:  Busy day! Time for a quick sketch! Our days can easily get occupied by the demands of our jobs, family, etc. Taking a 10 minute break to sit quietly and look at the sunset, do a quick sketch, can bring peace and closure to an otherwise hectic day!!

Black-eyed peas and corn

On the cob, of course, with squash!

A harvest dinner!

Art Prescription:  It’s Tuesday, the day we buy fresh local farmer’s market produce on Lomo Market!! Triangle friends find a stop near you!!  http://lomomarket.com/

Last weekend light fades

Squirrels scamper to their nests

Jewels fall from trees!

Art Prescription:  Long lived weekend! Yard work, pumpkins, cupcakes!! Lots of being outside! Try watercolor sketching a leaf or two! This one will go out as a Haiku O Gram tomorrow!!

Allegro for fall

Hot coffee and pumpkin patch

Dry leaves swirl to ground.

Art Prescription:  If you spend any time gazing out the window these days you will see leaves floating to a resting spot on earth. Many writers acknowledge the slightly sad, melancholy feelings that come with fall. There is that…There is also the refreshing cool weather when hot beverages warm the hand, and autumn color burst onto the scene with bright orange and red. Tomorrow I’m heading to a local pumpkin patch for visuals to feed my artist eye!!

Fall gourds and pumpkins

Bring color and homemade pies

To September homes.

Art Prescription:  Fall color has to bring out the artist in you! Gourds, pumpkins, and fall bouquets add a dash of orange and red everywhere. Bring a fall still-life home and sketch it…now add watercolor…open the windows and breathe fresh air!