Two peas in a pod

They sat and watched the sun rise

And said, “I love you.”

Art Prescription:  Relationships are precious.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card birds love.jpeg


A fall dream weaver

Work of spun art in hay room

What does your web catch?

Art Prescription:  So if your web catches ease with a focus on gratitude and all the good things in your life… what  do you weave? If your web catches stress and always looking for things to go wrong…what do you weave?

So like this spider who weaves her best web ever, can you expect good things to happen? Can you get away from the spider next door who says, “we won’t catch anything, it’s useless.”

Weave your web with joy and good things will come…

Watercolor sketch:


Twirl! Double helix.

Life winds itself in and out

Meets back in middle!

Art Prescription:  Final workshop today in this series of Art Prescription Art Journaling. Thanks to a great group!! That and a walk with a friend got me thinking about relationships and how they spiral in and out. Two people constantly changing and hopefully, in a marriage or partnership, they spiral back together as one for a while! Each person being whole and living life, intertwined with another. Life is grand, and oh so fun to share!!

envelope flowers II

Smitten… chemistry

Bee hovers over new rose


Art Prescription:  Sometimes in life you just hit “like!” The chemistry of attraction is bold, firm, and soft! It’s the mood that says sleep is irrelevant. In all honesty, all but the sleep thing, I like to sleep, I would still hit the “like” button on my guy!

No kissing allowed

He leaves, I feel forgotten

Colds are not sexy!!!!!

Art Prescription:  I’m writing with a box of tissue on hand. Do you remember your first kiss? A simple cold would not keep me from attempting to share my germs with my 7th grade boyfriend. All things change. After 21 years of marriage, here I am almost 2 1/5 weeks in the guest room. The first week was me trying to not get my beloved’s cold. The next week,  allowing him to sleep without waking to my persistent cough. Ain’t marriage grand!! Can I get a kiss hello? A hug?

Neglected plants wilt

Tended to they grow, blossom

Relationships too!

Art Prescription:  Every day we both consciously and unconsciously decide where to put our energy and love. Sometimes the spiral of life is going so fast that we spend our time speeding around playing catch-up. For me knowing what truly makes me happy and balanced helps me tend the right garden. But…oh…it’s so easy to get caught up in chaos. Usually our body or our mind will “real” us back in and make us think, what do I really want for my one precious life.