Sunday, day of rest

A treat to get quiet, nap

Cat acupuncture!

Art Prescription:  I’m not much of a napper, can never fall asleep during the day. I do relish laying down though and resting my body. With three cats, someone is always going to join me. Mocha, my tabby, will make biscuits for 30 minutes straight. Got a session of cat acupuncture and then up I went to the studio to play. 8 1/2 x 11 mixed media

Butterfly Window gr.jpg

A new magazine

The air conditioner churns

Cool air sweeps my cheeks.

Art Prescription:  What a luxury! To pause in the middle of the day to rest and peruse my newest Stampington magazine. Inspiration page to page. And my garden abloom.

my garden

Cardboard piece, trash bound

A little paint, bit of glue

Two hours in bliss!!

Art Prescription:  Sometimes it’s all about the foundation. What you begin with. And two hours later my muse is happy…


Two worlds, artist, nurse

Some days my hat does not fit

Either, want to rest!

Art Prescription:  I’ve been weaving my two worlds of nursing and art together for about 10 years…maybe 11…or all my life…which came first? I love both in many ways. Often it’s the transition that is hardest. What hats do you wear? Which hat fits you best? Fits your spirit?



Quiet time, Sunday

Sleep in a bit, wake up, stretch

Rest your weary soul.

Art Prescription:  In a do, do, do society, have we forgotten how to rest? Rest our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. How do you renew? How do you tune-out the world in order to tune in to your core?


Playground in my mind

Wishes, dreams swing to and fro

Sleep on satin sheets.

Art Prescription:  Launching dreams requires adequate rest!!

purple and pink with ink

September roses

Late blooms announce season end

Time to rest, renew.

Art Prescription:  Here in NC roses bloom sometimes into October. I know, we are lucky. I don’t have the heart to do the prescribed cut when my roses still have buds. But it is necessary. Parallel to life there is a time to grow and a time to rest. Fall signals nature to begin the journey to rest. We all need rest to renew…