Letting Go March 6, 2017

What makes you happy?

Can you clear your mind for this?

What can you let go?

Art Prescription:  I think it’s human nature to hold onto things…material things, dreams, your past. But, what would your days look like if you simply let go of all that data running around in your head, and just simply focused on what you a good at, what makes you happy.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says, “hope.”

index card chrysanthemum.jpeg

New Direction September 25, 2014

Through open windows

Comes fall and winds of new path

Trees let go with ease.

Art Prescription:  Are you wresting with letting go of something? Nature’s lesson this season is to let go and rest with full courage that new growth is next.  Collage, pen and ink, and colored pencil on an envelope. I thought about using pieces of the envelope in a collage, and then I thought why not just do art on the envelope!!

Mail art.jpg

Born to Soar June 30, 2014

You were born with wings

Jump and spread them wide to soar

Catch current of life.

Art Prescription:  It is really all about the here and now. It takes mental homework to remind myself of this daily. Not to get caught up in the past or future. Might be time for some 3 x 5 notecards placed on my mirror.