Choice July 25, 2016

The power of choice

To live without the reruns

Move forward in joy!

Art Prescription:  Every day we are offered choices on how we want to live our days…and how we live our days is how we live our lives. One day at a time I choose to move forward in joy! Wanna come?

Index card with watercolor:

ICAD 2016 July 25

Karma November 13, 2015

You go home as you

I go as my peaceful me

Karma, a real thing.

Art Prescription:  Do you take on other people’s anger, hostility, depression? Can you choose to do it differently? Can you go home as YOU? Chances are when you are dealing with angry people, it has nothing to do with you at all. It’s all about them and what they have to go home with, which is themselves.  So, breathe, and walk away and go do something you love. Bring yourself back to the reality that you go home with you!

Index card with sumi-ink:

Index card magic

Horse’s Truth Serum May 21, 2014

Afraid of corners?

Are you holding on too tight?

Can you sit back, down?

Art Prescription:  I’m practicing awareness. Where does my energy go? Who and whom do I allow into my space, my energy field? When do I feel empowered, energized, and when do I feel depleted? Working with horses at Blue Skies of Mapleview is humbling. The horses, with their soft knowing gaze, are helping me get in touch with a couple of things, and it’s all that and more!

pink saddle 72

Haiku December 28, 2012 Be You

Free from worldly wants

You hear your own strong footsteps

Go! You know the way!

Art Prescription:  A student of all things Zen, I strive to apply the lessons of many great teachers to my life. I think the hardest lesson of all is to listen to your own heart and not allow the chaotic, negative energy of others divert you from what you know is good and whole and healthy. Peace.

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