Heart Felt

Steady heartfelt good

Showing up day after day

Motives deep in veins.

Art Prescription: We are mostly lucky in life if we have our health, to choose where we spend our time and energy.

Sew What February 11, 2017

Sew what, open heart

You give and your heart feels warm

Does a body good.

Art Prescription:  Never underestimate the power of giving of your time, your energy, your ear, your heart…someone out there needs you.

Mixed media with pen and ink, fabric, and improvisational sewing:

Heart sew 1.jpeg

Sew Play January 11, 2017

Make, invent, arrange

In the spur of the moment


Art Prescription:  I though, “I’ll just make a little stuffed bunny.” More than an hour later, I was tangled in thread and cut fabric. My little bunny is pretty home-made and a little loose around his edges, and I enjoyed playing.

Improvisational sewing: