A gift box! peaches

The scent of home-made cobbler

My Nanny’s pie crust.

Art Prescription: My favorite yellow cat Matilda was a super good girl while her parents were on vacation.

Dairy Farm September 27, 2014

A place for ice-cream

Rolling country where cows graze

Big, tall, grain silos.

Art Prescription:  Took my blanket, binoculars, and sketchbook out to the country today. Plopped myself on a hill over-looking a dairy farm. Meanwhile people wandered into the store for fresh and local ice-cream cones.

Mapleview sketch.jpg

Owl April 6, 2014

Silent on a branch

Big brown eyes full of wisdom

Fine feathered owl.

Art Prescription:  Today would have been my grandmother, Annie Jones’ birthday. Spending time with this owl was like a gift…guardian owl! Sketch in journal.

Pumpkin Loop Owl

Haiku September 11, 2012 Quiet Reverie

Quiet day in thought

Back porch geraniums glow

Catch September light.

Art Prescription:  As much as I love fall and the cooler weather, I will miss my colorful blooming garden. So I spent today capturing my back-porch geraniums with watercolor and ink. This technique allows for expressive brush work. I use a brush designed for Chinese brush painting, just one brush. I stroke in impressionistic shapes, let that dry, and then go back in with pen and ink for a hint of detail. I think this is my favorite way to paint!!

Haiku January 27, 2012

January blooms?

Forsythia, candy-tuffs

Is this nature’s tease?

Art Prescription: I always look forward to spring blossoms. This year it seems awful early to see my perennial favorites blooming in January. Take your sketch book out and record these 60 degree days of January.