Election Day

We all wait for the

Results we were voting for

All humans with hope.

No matter who you voted for, my hope is for our country’s leadership to come together for the good of the whole.

Is this possible?

Country Pond May 19, 2014

Wild irises grow

On the edge of country pond

Baby ducks waddle.

Art Prescription:  An evening walk around our neighborhood pond…relaxing. And I see a duck with 10 ducklings trailing behind her. I hope to get some sketches of this fowl family. For now, the purple wild irises hold my attention. Pen and ink in sketchbook.

Wild Irises

Lost Lamb March 30, 2014

The lamb must be lost

Tiny wild blue hyacinths

Charm the lion’s roar.

Art Prescription:  Hiked Merritt’s Pasteur today, a walk along a river that loops up and over a meadow. Saw lots of wildflowers and goldfinches. Still wearing my winter coat and gloves! The wind bites.

Wild hyacyth

Give Me A Sign February 20, 2014

Asking for a sign

Spot an Evening Grosbeak

She waits for me now.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes the good stuff has to wait. Has to wait to pay the mortgage, has to wait to pay college tuition, has to wait to pay the grocery bill…has to wait. I have a lovely Evening Grosbeak waiting for me to paint her. I will get there…for now a purple sketch.

Radiant purple bird

Snow and Birds February 13, 2014

Gentle falls the snow

Birds perch, shake off now and then

Sunflower seed, gone!

Art Prescription:  Lovely snow and lucky my job does not require me to leave my cozy nest. When I worked as a nurse in the hospital, I used to go no matter what.  Thank you to all the workers who are out there trying to keep people safe. The beautiful colors of the birds stands out against the stark white. Here is a sketch I will color tomorrow…stay tuned.

bird blue birds snow