Favorite Things March 24, 2017

Nestled in the leaves

One stem at a time, then bloom

Fiddleheads salute.

Art Prescription:  With my sketchbook and a box of colored pencils, I headed off to the North Carolina Botanical Garden in search of the ephemeral wildflowers.

Art Journal with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Botanical Garden March 2017.jpg


Still Life January 14, 2016

A huddle of leaves

A January still life

Together we fall.

Art Prescription:  Perfect temperature for a nature walk. Lots of birds singing, robins, nuthatches, cedar waxwings, chickadees, cardinals. I was looking to see what might be coming out of the ground, but instead found this bunch of leaves an interesting subject.

Pen and Ink Sketch en plein air in my art journal and colored pencil once home:

Art journal january 3


Afternoon Shadows October 16, 2015

Afternoon shadows

Fall on black cows in pasture

Grain bin keeps the gate.

Art Prescription: As I do most Fridays after my two RN days, I headed out to see Finn at the farm. I can be completely exhausted, and my visit with the horses and fresh air renews my spirit. On the way home I take in the gently rolling pastures. Today a herd of black cows against the green pasture made me pull over. As I sat in a drive a white truck approached me. “You okay honey.” “Yes sir, I just pulled off to take a picture of your cows, may I.” “You sure can. Did ya see the babies? They are probably off down near the woods. They are purdy.” He backed up the drive. He had only come down to see if I needed help. Country. A far cry from the news of the day. Just people watching out for each other. I got my photo and headed home. Sigh…

Watercolor sketch 8 x 8

Black Cows

Seed Harvest August 18, 2015

Cone flower buffet

Acrobatic feats for seed

Lively Gold Finches.

Art Prescription:  Seeing my garden go to seed does evoke a slight melancholy… that summer is stepping aside for fall. Soon the beautiful colors of the flowers will be replaced by showy fall leaves. Each season has it’s own gift. For now I’m enjoying watching the birds find a harvest feast among my Echinacea.

Ball point pen sketch with colored pencil:

Bird yellow Finch

Honeysuckle May 17, 2015

Wild woodsy perfume

Yellow honeysuckle vines

Unruly tangle.

Art Prescription:  Walked Mason Farm. The woods are heady with the scent of honeysuckle. This invasive vine winds itself around anything standing. Maybe we dismissed it’s misbehavior because it’s so fragrant.

Index card with colored pencil

Index card honeysuckle