Sketching with Matilda November 15, 2016

Warm and cozy eve

Care for a special kitty

Sketch with Matilda.

Art Prescription:  Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know Matilda, the cat I helped rescue from 9 degree winter nights. She then found her forever home with my neighbors, and lucky me I pet sit her often as they are world travelers! I love her like one of my own, and when her parents are gone I sketch and read at her house.


Warm Studio March 7, 2014

Warm studio waits

For fairies who pack their bags

To reign the woodlands.

Art Prescription:  Working on some woodland fairies. Hard to decide if I want to go realistic or animated or somewhere in the middle. Love the idea of spring wildflowers with pretty, dainty fairies!!


Beech Trees February 8, 2014

Afraid to let go

Beech trees hold on to their leaves

Golden glow in winter.

Art Prescription:  Lovely day. Hiked about four miles and saw a Kinglet!! (future painting) Spent some time field sketching, then back to studio to add watercolor. This is a work in progress.