Wall of Rain

A grey wall of rain

Thundered across the meadow

Loud on the tin roof.

Art Prescription: Thunderstorms crop up this time of year catching you in a downpour.

Working with fabric: kit listed in my Etsy shop!!


Today is tangled

Threads are tight, bits and pieces

Life in pandemic.

Art Prescription: As much as I relish keeping a positive upbeat, there is art that reflects our times.

Slow Stitching with fabric and embroidery:


Heat of the bright sun

Radiates off my skin now

After a shower.

Art Prescription: and these are two shower days! Biked this morning and then walked this afternoon.

For an indoor cool activity I did list a new Stitch Kit in my Etsy shop!

This one is for kids and beginners! So fun!!

Heart Felt

Steady heartfelt good

Showing up day after day

Motives deep in veins.

Art Prescription: We are mostly lucky in life if we have our health, to choose where we spend our time and energy.


A jacket in June?

Warm layers for rainy walk

Smell gardenias.

Art Prescription: I don’t ever remember needing a jacket in June. It’s usually sweltering hot.

This is a pattern made from acrylic paint, a stencil, and colored pencil. Now I’ve made mini cards to go in my Stitch Kits.