Split Personality May 23, 2014

Two worlds, artist, nurse

Some days my hat does not fit

Either, want to rest!

Art Prescription:  I’ve been weaving my two worlds of nursing and art together for about 10 years…maybe 11…or all my life…which came first? I love both in many ways. Often it’s the transition that is hardest. What hats do you wear? Which hat fits you best? Fits your spirit?



Rest, restful September 29, 2013

Quiet time, Sunday

Sleep in a bit, wake up, stretch

Rest your weary soul.

Art Prescription:  In a do, do, do society, have we forgotten how to rest? Rest our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. How do you renew? How do you tune-out the world in order to tune in to your core?


The River September 12, 2013

Just be in the flow

The river runs to the sea

Float and be, let go.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply let go and float. Quit trying so hard to swim up stream! Do you even know where you are trying to get? So float, be buoyant, weightless…

Down by the lazy river