The River September 12, 2013

Just be in the flow

The river runs to the sea

Float and be, let go.

Art Prescription:  Sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply let go and float. Quit trying so hard to swim up stream! Do you even know where you are trying to get? So float, be buoyant, weightless…

Down by the lazy river

Haiku June 27, 2013 Ego

Job, calling, career?

Does your heart leap at new day?

Is your ego stroked?

Art Prescription:  At my nursing job we are hosting an undergraduate student program. Eagerly these young folks follow the surgeon I work for and try to absorb enough information to guide their next move in life. It’s so important to choose something that feeds your spirit and gives your ego a boost. And to choose a vocation from your heart versus what people want you to be!!

bamboo sunset