Make Your Next Move

It’s a cat and mouse

A play of senses and game

Now, make your next move.

Art Prescription: I’m trying to maintain my sense of humor through these times.

Did yoga in my garage while our state is under weather watch.

Always a found feather gives me hope!

Haiku June 4, 2013 Layers of Life

The spiral of life

Layers of experience

Forms the whole one you!

Art Prescription:  Our experiences and genetics make up who we are and how we perceive the world around us. Relationships and communication are much more complicated than we think. Best we can do is to try and love each other through it all…

layers ink

Haiku April 24, 2013 Idealism

Rich, thin, young, sexy.

Whole, happy, content, wise soul.

Glossy versus real!

Art Prescription:  Ever notice the confusing messages of the glossy magazines while in the check-out aisle. “How to loose 10 lbs in 10 days.” “Bust Belly-Fat Now.” “Ten Best Ever Chocolate Cake Recipes.” Along with the latest gossip about life-styles of the rich and famous, the tabloids advise us on how we “should” be living!! What if nothing external matters at all? What if it’s all about living each day with purpose and joy? What if there’s no winner in the rat race? The turtle, who stops to smell, and well, eat, the roses!! WINS!!


Haiku December 28, 2012 Be You

Free from worldly wants

You hear your own strong footsteps

Go! You know the way!

Art Prescription:  A student of all things Zen, I strive to apply the lessons of many great teachers to my life. I think the hardest lesson of all is to listen to your own heart and not allow the chaotic, negative energy of others divert you from what you know is good and whole and healthy. Peace.

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